Thursday, January 22, 2009


huhuhu... kelas KEK batal ni.. so sementara nak menunggu kelas ETR.. aku jawab laa tag ni sikit ehh.. hihi..
1. who are important in your life?

The greatest Allah s.w.t
supportive parents
naughty siblings
happy family
loveable friends
good neighbourhood

2. what is the last thing you bought with your own money?
all things bought by my parents money.. but the last thing is fundametal of bisnes text book for etr class..

3. where ur wedding will be held?
i wish at my house.. but if couldnt be.. may be somewhere in johor bahru...

4. how long you think your relationship will get along?

if he my 'ADAM'... insyaAllah... until my last breath.. only him.. =)

5. are you in love..???
herrmm.. trap question...! (takmo jawabb!! hahhaa!!)

6. where did you go for meal?

restaurant tomyam nearby mobil, one of restaurant at permatang pauh which serve the best services and foods..

7. last book you bought?

fundamental of bussiness..

ermm.. cont ltr.. ade kelas la!! hehhe..

k2... arini nk sambung tag yang terbengkalai aritu...
8. what is your full name?

hermm.. nor azira binti mohd saliman

9. either mother or father did you confortable most?

ermm... both... both of them... but if about women matter... for sure my mother lorr!! ahhha..

10. name one person do you want meet most.

no one lah... errmm... david beckham maybe?? haha!! but it impossible...

11. name peoples who close with you.
the loveable azzida azalli
the sporting azaneiah mat zain
the innoncent lela mohmud
the supportive norita daud

12. do u washe your own clothes?

yes... of cause i do maa...!

13. the place you want to go most?
any lovely place..

14. hugs or kisses..??
hhahha?? both laaa... huh??? what kind of question it is..?? hahahhaa.....

15. 5 things about person who was tagging you.

double-triple notty
sweet cute nice helpfull in person
love surfing internet
l ove indonesian music
love chocolate

16. 8 things you love most.


17. 8 songs you like most.

nsync - this i promise you
samudera - salam sejatera
maya karin - erti cinta
coco - mengintai langit
3 doors down - here without you
duta ft baizura kahar - cinta antara kita
once - dealova
adam ahmad - kau pergi jua

18. 10 person to tag

davy jones (hehehe... jawab tauu.. jangan malas2)
eiman ashaari (kemana kamo menghilang hah??!)
erine (queen of tale?? huhu!)
lela fared (hehehe... adaptasi daripade laila majun..)
putri sagi (my new litle fellow)
miss flora (hehhe... jangan tak jawabb...!)
lady nass (hihihiii... dah berpunye rupenye diee..~)
chekgu yann (my dearest frenn..)
dak in (new fellow..)
bro ekwan (new fellow..)

huhuh.... at last.... siap gak..! so sape yang kne tag tu.. sile laa jawab tag yang panjang lebar ni yee..! ^.^ hihi..