Sunday, June 30, 2013


:) huhu.. hott in cinema.. i just watch this movie this on last Thursday.. because my classmate said this movie 'gempak giler' and for sure because of BRAT PITT... hhehe..! i love the beginning of this film.. how tremble the citizens when they are been haunted by zombies.. mmm.. n i cant imagine if it for real life.. because the disease was rapidly spread.. but i think the effect of this movie is like too much for 'giant zombies' as u can see on second picture above... nevermind... thats just my opinion.. haaa! and i just knowing that zombie is choosy creature! hahhahaha... they not hunt human who a defective by illness.. it is true or just for this movie? hahaa.. i dont know..

and i think im agreed with critic, alonso duralde.. about the potraying as plant vs zombie.. hihi.. actually that what im imagined while watching this movie... hihi.. zombie movements apparently same just like plant vs zombie.. hiihihi.. sooooo.. cute!

 and there is some info that i got from wiki.. actually war world z is trilogy from the walking dead series.. mm.. but im not soo sure what exactly this series is all about.. because i dont have opportunity to watch yet..

soo.. for overall review for this movie.. wht i can say is.. enjoy the movie.. and take the advice and lesson from that.. "help peoples if u can.." because war world z is not only about the zombies.. but it can be anything... any threats..

okeyh.. dats all for latest movie review for this time.. soo.. happy watching! :)


:) whats a great about this film..????! yezzza!! i just found the box office note on the wiki.. isnt that great? whoever not watch his film yet.. u should go catch it! for my personal review.. i found this film has a creative idea to deliver especially to viewer and movie lover.. soo.. conclusion.. its super worthy and  highly recommended to watch!


:) hye there... sorry for late updating.. im not sure this movie still on cinema board or not.. but this is some review about this film... truly.. this film was very interesting since they are full with action of the superman and so on.. but for me.. the superman still superman.. his life.. his journey.. its similar n we're kind of familiar with it.. the different is only the actors and the director who is directing the film.. n if u ask me which series i would prefer.. i might choose smallville series... because all characters are wrap together.. its complete but its has many season.. even i has no time to catch many of them.. hehe... soo.. i still recommend you guys watch his movie.. since my housemate said.. this movie is great! soo.. go catch ya!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013



at last! i got time to catch star trek! kesian kan... org laen dah lame dah tengok kite baru nk tengok... haha.. tapi tak kisah laa.. and and this movie is absolutely boom! i love whole board story.... because it has happy ending.. hahaha.. eventhough sometime its not make it sense.. but i still love it as along as it happy ending.. sape dah tengok tau laa kan.. sape blom tengok.. g laa tengok.. super duper recommended!

oh by the way.. im not the follower of this movie.. and star trek into the darkness is already twelve in this film series and this is the first series that i watch among the many sequences before...! itu pun selepas checked on wiki!! hahaha.. actually i never tak terfikir pon kire ni series yang keberape... sebenarnye nk cari siape die lelaki yang pegang watak spock.. sebab rasenya macam pernah tengok muke die... and from my searching.. rupenye2 die ni belakon tv series heroes... yang pegang watak jahat tu.. sylar.. haa.. sape tngok tau laa.. hihi..

okeyhlah.. sekian saje review movie kali ini.. oh.. kalau ade rezeki nak tengok 'now you see me'.. tadi cashier kat kaunter ckp cite ni best... so sape2 yang nk tngok movie tapi tatau nk tengok cite ape.. boleh lah tengok cite ni ya! enjoy your movie! daa..!


Baru sempat nak update.. cite ni mmg best.. sape yang belum tengok p laa tngok sementare ade lagi! highly recommended...! five starssssss!!