Sunday, June 30, 2013


:) huhu.. hott in cinema.. i just watch this movie this on last Thursday.. because my classmate said this movie 'gempak giler' and for sure because of BRAT PITT... hhehe..! i love the beginning of this film.. how tremble the citizens when they are been haunted by zombies.. mmm.. n i cant imagine if it for real life.. because the disease was rapidly spread.. but i think the effect of this movie is like too much for 'giant zombies' as u can see on second picture above... nevermind... thats just my opinion.. haaa! and i just knowing that zombie is choosy creature! hahhahaha... they not hunt human who a defective by illness.. it is true or just for this movie? hahaa.. i dont know..

and i think im agreed with critic, alonso duralde.. about the potraying as plant vs zombie.. hihi.. actually that what im imagined while watching this movie... hihi.. zombie movements apparently same just like plant vs zombie.. hiihihi.. sooooo.. cute!

 and there is some info that i got from wiki.. actually war world z is trilogy from the walking dead series.. mm.. but im not soo sure what exactly this series is all about.. because i dont have opportunity to watch yet..

soo.. for overall review for this movie.. wht i can say is.. enjoy the movie.. and take the advice and lesson from that.. "help peoples if u can.." because war world z is not only about the zombies.. but it can be anything... any threats..

okeyh.. dats all for latest movie review for this time.. soo.. happy watching! :)