Sunday, June 30, 2013


:) hye there... sorry for late updating.. im not sure this movie still on cinema board or not.. but this is some review about this film... truly.. this film was very interesting since they are full with action of the superman and so on.. but for me.. the superman still superman.. his life.. his journey.. its similar n we're kind of familiar with it.. the different is only the actors and the director who is directing the film.. n if u ask me which series i would prefer.. i might choose smallville series... because all characters are wrap together.. its complete but its has many season.. even i has no time to catch many of them.. hehe... soo.. i still recommend you guys watch his movie.. since my housemate said.. this movie is great! soo.. go catch ya!

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-Ain-Dak In- said...

smallville dekat dalam hati ku.
cler kent lagi istimewa kat hati ni jugak.
apa pon yg pasal clerk kent aku akan suka,superman,spendaman,smallville,man of steel..apa saja aku mesti suka.
sampai kan aku sgup pg kfc and dpt kan payung dia..miahahahaha.