Thursday, June 4, 2009


1. What were you doing five years back?

hahha.. 5 yrs back.. and like this moment.. like this time.. ermm.. tgah poteng kelas kot... hahha..

2. What are the five things on your to-do list today

- updating blog.. friendster.. facebook..
- listen to david archuleta!!
- having my breakfast..
- thinking bout today plan..
- and also tomorrow..! haha.. ^.^

3. What are the five snacks you enjoyed munching

- chipster!
- oreo
- hahha.. ape lagi eh..??

4. What are the five things you'd if you turned to be a billionaire

i'll spend to something... ape die..?? haaa.. itu yang kite tak tawuu.. tunggu laa aku jadi billionaire dulu... ^.^ hahha..

5. The five persons I wanna tag

- akmal
- putrifrog
- zahin
- kak nas
- puteri

hhhe.. sape yang tkene tag tu.. jangan lpe jawab k!

1 comment:

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

gila banyak ko! ko ni lebey ni!